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RE: The celebrity engagment ring thread! - jenncent - 06-25-2013

I don't know who this person is. I think the ring is kinda cocktaily, but I like it anyway, lol.

RE: The celebrity engagment ring thread! - BMV - 06-26-2013

Holly Madison is an ex playboy bunny and one that lived in the house with Hef. She supposedly was "madly inlove" with Hef and wanted to marry him. Thankfully for her he ditched her and she moved on.

I find her really sweet Smile

RE: The celebrity engagment ring thread! - Olivejuice - 06-26-2013

(06-25-2013, 12:46 PM)Hadley Wrote: I can see it and I say Disagree.


RE: The celebrity engagment ring thread! - battah - 06-26-2013

Ok I was able to see it at home - I think it's really pretty! Not as an e-ring, but I'd rock it as a cocktail ring/statement piece.

RE: The celebrity engagment ring thread! - MissAnna1104 - 06-27-2013

I think it's very "Holly"! It suits her well...

RE: The celebrity engagment ring thread! - jenncent - 06-28-2013

close up

Sparkly eye candy found at!

RE: The celebrity engagment ring thread! - Hadley - 06-28-2013

I don't care how big you make it. I still say Disagree. Hahaha, I really don't like this one, do I?

RE: The celebrity engagment ring thread! - Lorrissey - 06-28-2013

oh dear..... yeah, that's a Disagree from me too.

RE: The celebrity engagment ring thread! - jenncent - 06-28-2013

hahaha, I think it worse bigger actually. My fav trashy blog is called dlisted. Here is what he had to say about it... Not for the faint. Wink

"Holly Madison’s boyfriend and the dude she made her baby Rainbow Aurora with proposed to her at the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas over the weekend and he did it with a ring that is so uniquely stunning that you have to be high on E to fully appreciate its beauty. Pop something mind-numbing into your mouth and fully take in the splendor of it all. (Or just lick the screen since I’m 100% sure those jewels are really crystallized acid.)

Pasquale Rotella, who produced the Electric Daisy Carnival, proposed to Holly on top of the Ferris wheel. That Ferris wheel must be stronger than Hugh Jackman’s arm veins, because you’d think that it would collapse from the weight of that ring’s classiness. The makers of Holly’s hitchin’ ring released a press release to Reality Tea about the ring, because even a fame whore’s fame whore engagement ring gets its own press release:

Inspired by the Electric Daisy Carnival and the beauty of flowers, the ornate engagement ring design was the vision of Pasquale Rotella in collaboration with family friends & Premier Beverly Hills Jewelry Designers Layna & Alan Friedman. Alan & Layna visited with Holly Madison, Pasquale and their daughter Rainbow at their Las Vegas home to present the 18 carat fancy intense yellow diamond to be used as the center diamond. As Holly laid the rare stone on her finger, Pasquale knew by her expression that they had found the perfect centerpiece for her ring. Production on the ring began immediately upon Layna & Alan’s return to the Alan Friedman Store in Beverly Hills. This dynamic design duo sought after for their dazzling and unique custom creations, pulled the finest natural intense color diamonds from their collection to bring to life Pasquale’s vision and arrange the 3.5 carats of vivid pink, yellow and blue natural color diamond flowers to adorn the ring. A custom hand-engraved owl adds intricate detail and individuality to the hand-crafted mounting. “Adding the uniqueness like the owl that the couple has a shared love of, adds romance and sentiment to their jewelry piece,” says Designer Layna. The gorgeous, one-of-a-kind ring is valued at over $2,000,000.

TWO MILLION DOLLARS for a ring that’s two million sparkly layers of fug. I’ve seen Holly’s reality show and I don’t even think her house is worth two million dollars. Well, Pasquale is facing embezzlement charges and he could go to prison for 14 years and be forced to pay a lot of money in fines, so he probably gave Holly something she can sell on eBay to pay her mortgage. That’s a nice thought. I still don’t believe it’s worth two million dollars, though. Holly needs to pull out her Lisa Frank magnifying glass (I know you’ve got one, ho), examine the inside of the band and try to tell me that the letters “QVC” aren’t on it.
That ring does look like Holly’s kind of ring, though. It looks like a menstrual berry out of a Care Bear’s twat. It looks like an oozing growth stuck to Liberace’s taint. Hmm….since I put it that way, I love it!"


RE: The celebrity engagment ring thread! - battah - 06-28-2013

Owl? I don't see the owl.

LOL I dunno, I still think it would be fun as a cocktail ring. Not an e-ring, but a cocktail ring for sure.